How Far Apart Should Posts be Spaced for Horses? (2023)

Post spacing for horse fences varies based on a few things including the tension from the fence type, foot traffic, and the space allotted.

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Your fence rail's break strength will remain the same no matter what post spacing you use, but the give of the fence will change dramatically. Wider fence post spacing can create sagging if fence rails are continuously run. You may think that you are saving money with further post spacing, but it’s not worth chancing; the cost is minimal compared to the cost of an injury.

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  • For smaller, high-traffic areas or round pens, we recommend decreasing the post spacing to 8'. Additionally, PVC post spacing must be 8' on-center and wire mesh fence is best at 8' or 10'.
  • Medium pastures should be spaced at 10’.
  • Larger pastures can be spaced at 12'.
  • If you’re only using very lightweight, electric fencing (Pro-Tek Tape, Braid, and Rope or ElectroBraid) you can space your fencing up to 15’.

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*Note:When posts are set at 25', 50’, or even 100' as some companies suggest, the fencing will stretch up to 5' or more before either breaking or coming back into place. This puts your horse at an extremely greater risk of getting tangled in the fencing and possibly injured.

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