'A Modern Farewell:' The Net Worth of the Cast of Modern Family (2023)

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ABC’sModern Family will be airing its final episode next Wednesday. After 11 years, the show is coming to an end and many people are looking back on the show. In many ways, viewers watched the children in the show growing up and each of the adult cast members evolving in other ways. What you may not have considered is how much each member of the family made per episode. Here’s a look at the net worth of the cast of Modern Family.

What’s the Net Worth of the Cast of Modern Family?

Before we take a look at the net worth of the cast, you should know each of them earned money elsewhere too. However, during their time on the show, each cast member made anywhere between $100,000 to $500,000 per episode (detailed below). So, it stands to sayModern Family had an impact on each of their net worths.

Ed O’Neill (Jay Pritchett)

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Ed O’Neill got his start long beforeModern Family ever aired on television. You may recognize him from the 90s sitcom Married with Children. He has also played roles in several other television shows. For each episode he appeared in during the eleventh and final season of Modern Family, O’Neill earned $500,000. With earnings per episode that high, it is safe to sayModern Family contributed quite a bit to his $65 million net worth.

Sofia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett)

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Like her on-screen partner, Sofia Vergara also made $500,000 per episode during the series’ final season. She is also the most wealthy cast member on the show with a net worth of $160 million. In addition to her work on the show, Vergara has also done work as a model. One of her most popular campaigns was with Pepsi Co. She also has her own clothing line, which helps increase her annual earnings.

Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy)

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Among other key players in the show is Julie Bowen, who plays the maternal figure of the Dunphy clan. During the final season, she also made $500,000 per episode. On top of her role onModern Family, Bowen has also landed a number of other small TV and film roles, including the role of Aunt Gwen on Dawson’s Creek. This has led to her accruing a net worth of $18 million over the years.

Ty Burell (Phil Dunphy)

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Ty Burell plays Bowen’s hubby on the sitcom but that is far from his only role. Burell has also performed standup, played roles in Comedy Central shows, and has also landed roles in movies as well. Like the others mentioned above, Burell also banked $500,000 per episode in the final season, which has definitely contributed to his $26 million net worth.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Tucker-Pritchett)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays the roles of Mitchell Pritchett onModern Family. That’s far from being his only career role though. Much of his career has actually centered around off-Broadway stage shows. Like his fellow cast members, he also earned $500,000 per episode in the 11th season. There is no doubt his role as Mitchell has had an impact on his $20 million net worth.

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Eric Stonestreet (Cameron Tucker-Pritchett)

Eric Stonestreet plays Ferguson’s partner in the show and also banked $500,000 per episode in the final season. In addition to his role on Modern Family, Stonestreet has appeared on CSI, Bones, and NCIS. Not to mention, he has also landed roles on the big screen in films like The Secret Life of Pets and Bad Teacher. He’s worth just a touch more than Ferguson at $23 million.

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How Much Are The Kids Worth?

Those figures only cover the adult characters on the show. However, there are a number of kids viewers watched grow up on the show. Undoubtedly, they earned a bit less, but they are all starting to work elsewhere and make more cash though. Here’s how much each of the younger casts members is worth…

Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy)

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Sarah Hyland plays the oldest Dunphy child but that’s far from her only role on television. She got a late start to her career at the age of 28, but she was able to really stabilize her finances with her role onModern Family.It is estimated that Hyland is worth approximately $14 million, much of which she earned on the show, even though she only earned around $100,000+ per episode.

Reid Ewing (Dylan)

Photo: Stephanie Antonio

Reid Ewing plays Hyland’s husband in the final season. The pair encountered an unexpected pregnancy during season 10 and the 11th season looks at them as new parents. Ewing has been on and off the show throughout the 10 years it has been on the air. He wasn’t a regular cast member until later in the series though and hasn’t been really active elsewhere, so his net worth only sits around $2 million.

Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy)

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Ariel Winter is the middle Dunphy child onModern Family. Her role as the witty genius on the show earned her up to $120,000 per episode in the final season. She’s played some small television roles as well as provided voice over for animated films. All of her work together has helped her reach an estimated net worth of about $12 million.

Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy)

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The youngest Dunphy child is played by Nolan Gould on the show. In the final season, he earned about $100,000 per episode. Like his sibling on the show, Gould is worth about $12 million. Most of his earnings have stemmed directly from the show. However, his acting career is just kicking off so it will be interesting to see how much he earns in the future.

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Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado)

Photo: Dominick D

Rico Rodriguez has been another characterModern Family fans have watched grow up over the years. He earned around $125,000 per episode in the final season and has appeared on every single episode of the show there’s ever been. In addition to his work on the show, he has also published a book calledReel Life Lessons. All of this has led to his accruing a $12 million net worth.

Jeremy Maguire (Joe Pritchett)

Jeremy Maguire is the youngestModern Family cast member. While he doesn’t have any new work lined up right now, he has been able to accrue a net worth of $150,000 from his work on the show. For a seven-year-old boy, that’s pretty great! It will be interesting to see what work Maguire does in the future and how it impacts his wealth as a child actor.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily Tucker-Prichett)

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Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is the second-youngest actor on the show. Like Maguire, she has pretty much grown up on the show. Although she hasn’t worked elsewhere in Hollywood, she has been able to accrue a net worth of $6 million (not bad for an 11-year-old). You can find her and her parents sharing videos on Instagram pretty regularly, where she does earn a little extra with endorsement deals.

When you tally up the net worth of the cast ofModern Family it comes out to $358,150,000. Together, they hold an amazing amount of wealth!

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'A Modern Farewell:' The Net Worth of the Cast of Modern Family (13)
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How much money did the Modern Family cast make? ›

'Modern Family'

Some of the highest-paid TV actors in history, Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell each earned $500,000 per episode, according to a 2019 Variety report.

Are the Modern Family cast rich? ›

If the cast of “Modern Family” were a real family, their collective net worth would be unbelievably high. Even individually, the actors and actresses who starred in the ABC series are each worth tens of millions of dollars.

How much is Claire Dunphy worth? ›

6/10 Julie Bowen - $18 Million

Besides her role as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, Bowen is also known for appearing in TV series such as ER and Boston Legal, as well as movies like Horrible Bosses and Hubie Halloween. She has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

Why is Modern Family ending? ›

Reflecting on the show's last episode, Winter exclusively told Digital Spy why she thought the series needed to finish when it did. The actress suggested the show had to conclude in 2020 or risk not ending in a satisfying way. "It was very sad to see it end, but I think it ended in a great place," Winter said.

Does the cast of Modern Family get paid for reruns? ›

All the main stars of “Modern Family” — Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara — score about $500,000 per episode, which will pay off in a big way when their residuals start rolling in after the show concludes.

Who is the highest paid actor? ›

Dwayne Johnson

Why is Sofia Vergara paid so much? ›

Vergara was a highly in demand actress during her time on Modern Family, so it's safe to say that she was paid very well for her work in these movies.

Is Jay Pritchett rich? ›

Jay is currently the owner of Pritchett's Closets & Blinds. He hired his daughter, Claire, to work for him ("First Days"). From being the owner of the closet company, it seems that it's given him a lot of money. He seems to be the wealthiest person in his family and has a large house.

Is Phil Dunphy rich in Modern Family? ›

Phil Dunphy

Still, a real estate agent in the L.A. area would earn quite massive amounts of money, at least over the couple of decades that he has spent in this profession.

How much is Alex Dunphy worth? ›

Ariel Winter Net Worth is $20 Million (Forbes 2022) Salary Modern Family Alex Dunphy
Net Worth:$20 Million
Date of Birth:January 28, 1998
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
3 more rows
12 Apr 2022

How much did Lily get paid in Modern Family? ›

Modern Family salary: For several seasons, Aubrey's salary per episode was $35,000.
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Net Worth.
Net Worth:$6 Million
Salary:$70 Thousand Per Episode
Date of BirthJun 6, 2007 (15 years old)
Place of BirthSanta Monica
2 more rows

How much did Jay get paid for Modern Family? ›

9/10 Ed O'Neill: $500,000 An Episode

Over time, however, he joined his fellow castmates and started earning the same amount per episode at $500,000. Ed played Jay Pritchett — the patriarch of the family. He's the father of Claire and Mitchell (and stepfather to Manny) and a husband to Gloria.

How much did Sofia Vergara make per episode? ›

Sofia and Angelina are followed by Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot with $31.5 million. Forbes attributed Sofia's impressive earnings to her fat paycheck from Modern Family - $500,000 per episode - and also as a judge on reality TV show America's Got Talent, with an estimated $10 million per season.

Why did Lily get replaced on Modern Family? ›

Aubrey replaces Jaden and Ella Hiller, the identical twin girls who played Lily for the Emmy-winning sitcom's first two seasons. The reason for the re-casting, a show source tells PEOPLE, is because the Hiller twins didn't enjoy acting.

When did Modern Family get Cancelled? ›

Why was Joe replaced on Modern Family? ›

Trivia. Joe was first portrayed by twin girls Rebecca and Sierra Mark in Season 4. For Season 5 Rebecca and Sierra Mark were replaced by Pierce Wallace. For Season 7, Pierce Wallace was replaced by Jeremy Maguire beacause they wanted to age the actor up, as they needed someone who could walk, talk and speak their lines ...

Why did the Modern Family cast drop the lawsuit? ›

The cast members -- Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara -- officially dropped their lawsuit against the ABC show, after coming to an agreement with the show's producers over their salaries.

How much did Apple pay for the Modern Family episode? ›

The result is an episode that's effective and very funny, without ever actually feeling like an ad. In part, that's because—surprise! —Apple didn't pay a cent to be involved. Instead, the idea came from Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan, who co-wrote and directed the episode.

How much was Alex Dunphy making? ›

Ariel Winter plays Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. She and the other young stars are said to earn roughly $100,000 per episode.

Who is the best actor in the world? ›

1. Jack Nicholson - April 22, 1937. The first actor on this list is Jack Nicholson, an American actor who also happens to be a screenwriter, producer, and also director. Jack Nicholson has won Academy Award three times and was a nominee twelve times.

Who is the highest paying actress? ›

Sofía Vergara is once again the highest-paid actress: She made her $43 million from endorsements, Modern Family and as a new $10-million-per-season judge on America's Got Talent.

Who is the richest actress in the world? ›

Top 16 Richest Actresses in the World 2022 by Net Worth
Sl. NoName of ActressesNet Worth (in 2022)
1Dina Merrill$5 billion
2Jami Gertz$3.2 Billion
3Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen$550 Million
4Reese Witherspoon$420 Million
13 more rows
6 days ago

Who gets paid the most on TV? ›

According to the report, Kevin Costner is possibly the highest-paid actor on TV, taking home $1.3 million per episode for his performance in Yellowstone.

How much did Sofia Vergara spend on her wedding? ›

Modern Family' actress Sofia Vergara has married Magic Mike hunk Joe Manganiello in a lavish $3 million wedding in Florida – and she's shared her private pictures with fans on Instagram.

Is Sarah Hyland rich? ›

From that point on, Sarah earned a significantly increased sum of $130,000 per episode until the series ended in 2020.
Sarah Hyland Net Worth.
Net Worth:$14 Million
Salary:$130 Thousand Per Episode
Date of BirthNov 24, 1990 (32 years old)
Place of BirthManhattan
3 more rows

Are the houses on Modern Family real? ›

While the majority of the filming is done on a soundstage, the exterior of the Pritchett house is a two-story contemporary home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

Who turned down Jay in Modern Family? ›

The book, “Modern Family: The Untold Oral History of One of Television's Groundbreaking Sitcoms” dives into the making of the show. Casting director Jeff Greenberg revealed in it that the role of Jay Pritchett came down to Nelson and O'Neill. They tossed a coin and Nelson won, but negotiations didn't go smoothly.

Who is older Claire or Gloria? ›

In the show, her character was around the same age, likely born in 1970, the same year Bowen was born. It is mentioned that Claire is 14 months older than her stepmother, Gloria, which is only a few months less than the actual age difference between the actresses.

How much is Jay and Gloria's house worth? ›

Gloria & Jay Pritchett's house

According to Zillow.com Gloria and Jay's house in Brentwood is currently worth more than $8 million.

How much is gloria from Modern Family worth? ›

Sofia Vergara Net Worth
Net Worth:$180 Million
Salary:$500 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth:Jul 10, 1972 (50 years old)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
2 more rows

Did Lily actually grow up on Modern Family? ›

Fans of Modern Family got to see the child actors grow up on the screen, and Lily's transformation from baby to teenager was the most dramatic of all. Lily Tucker-Pritchett is one character Modern Family fans got to watch grow up in front of the camera.

When did Lily Change in Modern Family? ›

Anderson-Emmons joined the cast of Modern Family in its third season in 2011, when she replaced Ella and Jaden Hiller in the role of Lily Tucker-Pritchett, a Vietnamese-born child adopted by a gay American couple. Her role has been praised for raising cultural diversity awareness.

What is Howie Mandel salary? ›

Howie Mandel Net Worth
Net Worth:$60 Million
Salary:$70 Thousand Per Episode
Date of BirthNov 29, 1955 (67 years old)
Place of BirthWillowdale, Toronto
3 more rows

Who is the highest-paid show runner? ›

Shonda Rhimes: The Highest-Paid Showrunner In Hollywood

74) and on the 50 Over 50 list of 2021. And still, even with all the accolades, don't do you dare call Shonda Rhimes a “girlboss.” “I think the girlboss archetype is bullsh-t that men have created to find another way to make women sound bad,” Rhimes told TIME.

Who is the highest-paid Nollywood? ›

Jim Iyke was the richest Nollywood actor in 2020. His net worth amounted to 30 million U.S. dollars. Jim Iyke (James Ikechukwu Esomugha) is a Nigerian actor born in Gabon.
Highest-paid Nollywood actors as of 2021 (net worth in million U.S. dollars)
CharacteristicNet worth in million U.S. dollars
12 more rows
21 Apr 2022

How rich is Will Ferrell? ›

Will Ferrell Net Worth
Net Worth:$160 Million
Date of BirthJul 16, 1967 (55 years old)
Place of BirthIrvine
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
2 more rows

What is Emma net worth? ›

Emma Selling Sunset aka Emma Hernan net worth is approximated to be around $4 million.
Emma Hernan Net Worth.
Full Name:Emma Hernan
Country:United States
Born:July 14, 1991
2 more rows

How old was Ariel Winter in Modern Family? ›

How much did Modern Family Pay Sofia Vergara? ›

2. How Much Did Vergara Make On 'modern Family'? Believe it or not, Vergara earned just $30,000 per episode during the first three seasons, but her salary got some major boosts over time. By season six, she was making over $190,000 for each episode (roughly $4 million per season).

How much did Lily make on Modern Family? ›

Modern Family salary: For several seasons, Aubrey's salary per episode was $35,000. Starting in the 2018 season, Aubrey's salary was boosted to $70,000 per episode.
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Net Worth.
Net Worth:$6 Million
Profession:Child Actor
Nationality:United States of America
2 more rows

Is Phil Dunphy rich? ›

Phil Dunphy

area would earn quite massive amounts of money, at least over the couple of decades that he has spent in this profession. He has sold people nearly all kinds of property, from tiny houses for new couples to massive bungalows with landscaped gardens.

Who is the highest paid actress right now? ›

Sofía Vergara is once again the highest-paid actress: She made her $43 million from endorsements, Modern Family and as a new $10-million-per-season judge on America's Got Talent.

How much is Phil Dunphy house worth? ›

Phil & Claire Dunphy's home from Modern Family

Phil is the only one working in the Dunphy family and as a realtor he's doing very well. The Dunphy house is worth almost $1.8 million, according to Zillow.com. There were some people on the streets, so I only made one photo of the house.

Is Lily replaced in Modern Family? ›

Ella and Jaden Hiller are two twin American actresses who played Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family in seasons 1 and 2. They were replaced by Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as of season 3, because the kids did not want to continue.

How is Jay Pritchett rich? ›

Owner of Pritchett's Closets & Blinds

He hired his daughter, Claire, to work for him ("First Days"). From being the owner of the closet company, it seems that it's given him a lot of money. He seems to be the wealthiest person in his family and has a large house.


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