5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (2022)

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5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (1)

If I say Michelin starred restaurant near Bologna your first thought will go to Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana.

And I can say you're right because #1 restaurant in the world is a worth-a-plane place.
But it's not the only Michelin star that you should check out if you are in Bologna.

It took me some time (and money) but here are 5 very different places that have more than a star in common.

My best Michelin restaurants near Bologna:

  • 1. Trattoria da Amerigo
  • 2. Ristorante I Portici
  • 3. La Capanna di Eraclio
  • 4. Antica Corte Pallavicina
  • 5. Ristorante San Domenico

1. Trattoria da Amerigo

5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (2)

Savigno is a small town inside Val Samoggia, about 25min from Bologna, surrounded by woods and hills full of vineyards.

Since 1934, Amerigo offers the best products of his land in a family trattoria opened by Alberto Bettini's grandparents.

You won't find any fois gras or caviar there, but only the best local and seasonal products.
Like mushrooms and truffles (black and white), salmerino river fish, or deer, in a cuisine that celebrates the tradition mixed with innovation.

A warm and cozy location inspired by a vintage style, with old coffee machines and liquor posters on the walls. A jump back to the ‘30s!

At the entrance there's a small shop to buy some products, I recommend their liquors (China China or Marasca) or saba (cooked grape must).

50€ à la carte, 60€ fixed-price menu

I suggest you
On the first Sunday of the month, Savigno hosts the antique market. Go for a walk and take home some vintage souvenirs

One dish not to miss
Amerigo's egg. A sort of soufflé, soft as a cloud usually served with truffle when available, I ate it with asparagus.


Via Guglielmo Marconi, 14-16, 40060 Savigno (BO)
Tel. +39 051 670 8326
Email: [emailprotected]

(Video) Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in Bologna | Italy - English

2. Ristorante I Portici

5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (3)

Ready to meet the only Michelin star of Bologna city centre?

​The first surprise is that is inside I Portici, one of the best hotels in Bologna, a few meters from the train station.

The restaurant is set in the elegant cafè chantant, called Teatro Eden, opened in 1889.

Exactly 100 years after, Gianluca Renzi was born in Rome.
This young chef built his skills near Heinz Beck and now is ready to take walk on his feet.

On your dish you'll travel from Rome to Florence, then Bologna, following the chef's origins and destination.

Don't expect a classic cacio e pepe or panzanella.
Just open your mind and mouth and you won't get disappointed.

85€ 5 courses menù, 105€ 7 courses menù, 55€ 3 glasses wine pairing, 88€ 5 glasses wine pairing.

I suggest you
Ask to eat inside the old ice cave used by the pope. A wonderful and intimate location to eat by candlelight.

One dish not to miss
Pigeon with pistachio, braised shallot and blackberries.


(Video) Food Tour of Bologna, Italy! MUST TRY Bologna Restaurants with pasta, salumi, gelato & more!

Via dell'Indipendenza, 69, 40121 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 4218562
Email: [emailprotected]

3. La Capanna di Eraclio

5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (4)

Ready to go 7 m below sea level?
You don't need a mask and snorkel, no worry.

You are in the Po river lagoon, a fascinating foggy land full of flamingos and fishermen.

Capanna di Eraclio stands there since 1922.
Fresh fish comes in every morning from the boat fishing at night. Eels of course, but also small lagoon shrimps, moeche crabs, and if you're lucky granseola, the spider crab.

All around you, there are rooms that look like an apartment. With paintings, large tables, freshly ironed white tablecloths, a fireplace.
It feels like home.
But in a house where you eat very well.

140€ (6 courses menu with paired wine)

I suggest you
Stop to visit Comacchio, a gem of the Po lagoon that sits on the water.

One dish not to miss
Anguilla in umad
, stewed eel. It's the historic dish of the tavern. Cut into slices, passed over poplar wood embers to harden the skin and then cooked in the oven

Località per Codigoro, 3 – via Per Le Venezie 3 Codigoro (FE)
Tel. + 39 0533 712154

4. Antica Corte Pallavicina

5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (5)

Ok, it's about 1,5h far from Bologna, but I promise it does worth the effort.

We're in the bassa, the flat humid area near Po' river where you go to follow one myth: culatello. A heavenly cured meat, caressed by the fog raising from Emilia land.
Massimo Spigaroli gets the best from it, like for its guinea-fowl covered by culatello and cooked in clay.
Or just try it pure, just to taste how the ageing changes its flavours.

(Video) How I make LASAGNA from 3 MICHELIN STAR Chef Massimo Bottura | Authentic Lasagna Bolognese

If you haven't had enough culatello at our Parma food tour, that's the address you should write on Google Maps.

90€ (Tasting menu)

I suggest you
Try also the Hosteria del maiale, for a cheaper experience dedicated to the pig.

One dish not to miss
Podium of Culatelli from “White Pig” aged over 18, 27 and 37 months.

Strada Palazzo due Torri, 3, 43010 Polesine Parmense PR
+39 0524 936539

5. Ristorante San Domenico

5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (6)

The story of San Domenico began in 1970 with Nino Bergese.
​People used to call him 'the king of chefs, the chef of the kings' for his noble background.

Flowers, abat-jours, leather sofas and baroque music create the warm atmosphere of a time when eating out was a luxury habit. Those times have gone, but 40 years later the 2 Michelin stars are still shining.

A pristine classic cuisine that picks up local ingredients like red potatoes, pigeon and asparagus and elevates them with the skills and precision that only study, repetition and experience can build.

The dish to wait for?
Uovo in raviolo with butter, Parmigiano Reggiano and white truffle. When Anthony Bourdain was in Bologna he went there to watch the full process. Not hard to say why.

Menu from 160€

I suggest you
Go on Wednesday if you're born after 1970. They make the same menu for a cheaper price.

One dish not to miss
The pigeon.


Via Sacchi, 1, 40026 Imola BO
Tel. +39 0542 29000

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Ok, these are the Michelin Restaurants near Bologna to spend that romantic dinner you're planning for too long.

But as you've set the quality to the highest level, can you eat ordinary food while you visit our land?

During our food tours, we visit legendary restaurants, hidden cafes and family shops famous to be the top in their field.

So read our +300 5 stars review on Tripadvisor and follow the advice of The Guardian, BBC's Rick Stein and Netflix's Phil Rosenthal who chose us in the past.


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5 great Michelin starred restaurants near Bologna – Taste Bologna (10)

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Is Nobu 3 Michelin stars? ›

Notable citations bestowed upon Nobu's restaurants start with Matsuhisa chosen as one of the Top Ten Restaurant Destinations in the world by the New York Times (1993); Nobu awarded Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation (1995) and Three Stars by Ruth Reichl of the New York Times (1995); Nobu Next Door ...

Where should I eat local in Bologna? ›

10 Best Places To Eat And Drink Like A Local In Bologna
  • Osteria del Sole. ...
  • Caffé Terzi. ...
  • Trattoria Amedeo. ...
  • Cantina Bentivoglio Café ...
  • Quadrilatero. ...
  • Osteria dell'Orsa. ...
  • Ragù ...
  • Mercato delle Erbe.
8 Mar 2022

How many Michelin stars does Moor Hall have? ›

Our award-winning restaurant holds two Michelin Stars, a Michelin Green Star, and five AA Rosettes and was voted 'Best Restaurant in England' at the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards 2022.

Is there a 5 star Michelin? ›

Following the announcement of the 2017 Michelin Guide, the restaurants Le Cinq, Le George and L'Orangerie at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris have been collectively crowned with a total of five Michelin stars, making it the first luxury Hotel in Europe with three Michelin-starred restaurants.

What celebrity owns Nobu? ›

High-end sushi restaurant Nobu was co-founded by Robert De Niro. The actor and director teamed up with chef Nobu Matsuhisa for the opening of the original downtown New York restaurant in 1994 and the pair have since launched nearly 50 Nobu restaurants and hotels on five continents.

What is the most famous food in Bologna? ›

Bologna is known for the meaty and hearty Bolognese sauce, known locally as ragú. The dish originated in France from sauces using meat broth but leaving out the actual meat with the pasta. By the 18th century, documents show the first meat-based sauce served over pasta in Imola, a town near Bologna.

Is Bologna worth a day trip? ›

Spending one day in Bologna can be an excellent idea for those looking to get a bit off the beaten path in Italy. As the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, planning a Bologna itinerary is never a bad idea, especially for travellers who are interested in seeing a city away from the typical Venice-Florence-Rome route.

Where did Stanley Tucci eat in Bologna? ›

During his food tour of Emilia Romagna, Stanley makes a short stop in Bologna. He wanders around Quadrilatero food market and meets Mattia Sartori, the leader of the Sardines Movement. Together they buy mortadella and spend their pic-nic at Osteria del Sole.

Is there a 7 star Michelin? ›

Chef Yoshihiro Murata is the only chef in the world to hold seven Michelin stars. He is the third generation of Japanese super chefs to run the century-old Kikunoi restaurant in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

Which English county has the most Michelin stars? ›

Cumbria and the Lake District is a foodie paradise! From cosy pubs to high-end restaurants and from local treats to world cuisine, there really is a range to suit everyone. There are an incredible seven Michelin Star restaurants in the Lake District with Cumbria being the county with the most Stars in the UK.

What is the highest star Michelin restaurant? ›

The 11 top Michelin star restaurants of 2021
1CentralLima, Peru
2Bon-BonBrussels, Belgium
3Atelier CrennSan Francisco, United States
4Le BernardinNew York, United States
7 more rows
1 Sept 2021

Is there a 4 star Michelin? ›

Perhaps disappointingly, the answer is no - three is still the maximum number of Michelin stars that can be awarded to any one restaurant.

How much does it cost to eat at a 3 Michelin star restaurant? ›

Of course, each restaurant has its own prices. There is, after all, no set cost to enjoy a three Michelin starred meal. Some restaurants charge as little as $120 per person, while others charge up to $563.

What city in Italy has the most Michelin stars? ›

Naples is still in first place with 29 restaurants (5 two MICHELIN Stars, 24 one MICHELIN Star), followed by Rome, which takes second place with 22 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Stars, 3 two MICHELIN Stars, 18 one MICHELIN Star), and by Bolzano, third with 21 restaurants (1 Three MICHELIN Stars, 3 two MICHELIN Stars, ...

Who is the #1 chef in the world? ›

Joël Robuchin holds the number one spot amongst the world's top 10 chefs, making him the best chef in the world according to Michelin star ratings.

What's higher than a Michelin star? ›

Michelin quantifies one star as being “high-quality cooking, worth a stop”; two stars is for “excellent cooking, worth a detour”; and finally, the prestigious three stars represent “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.”

Who has the most Michelin stars top 5? ›

Top 10 Chefs with the Most Michelin Stars
  1. Joël Robuchon: 31 Michelin Stars. ...
  2. Alain Ducasse: 21 Michelin Stars. ...
  3. Gordon Ramsay: 17 Michelin Stars. ...
  4. Pierre Gagnaire: 14 Michelin Stars. ...
  5. Martin Berasategui: 12 Michelin Stars. ...
  6. Yannick Alléno: 10 Michelin Stars. ...
  7. Andreas Caminada: 9 Michelin Stars. ...
  8. Anne-Sophie Pic: 9 Michelin Stars.
8 Aug 2022

Do the Kardashians go to Nobu? ›

On Friday night, Kim Kardashian took in one of her daughter North West's basketball games in Malibu, California, before heading out to dinner at Nobu. North and Kardashian's niece Penelope Disick accompanied her with a group of friends.

Does De Niro own Nobu? ›

Nobu Hospitality, LLC is an American company founded by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Meir Teper in partnerships with Drew Nieporent as an Operator with Myriad Restaurant Group.

Why is Nobu called Nobu? ›

Nobu is named after its celeb-chef founder

Nobu moved from Japan to Peru in 1973 to open his first restaurant. It was here that the fusion between the two cultures became apparent in his cuisine. Since then, he has brought those flavours to his chain of restaurants as they expand throughout the U.S.

Which state eats the most bologna? ›

Ohioans love the lunch meat more than any other state. This might be a bunch of bologna, but apparently Ohio is the number one bologna-loving state in the United States.

Is eating bologna good for you? ›

Bologna, like other processed meats, may be classified as one of the least healthy foods in the Western diet. It has been estimated that 800,000 lives could be saved each year if bologna and other processed meats were eliminated from the diet.

What drink is bologna famous for? ›

Montenegro is a popular Italian liqueur and a type of amaro that has been produced in Bologna since 1885. It is made with 40 botanicals sourced from four continents, and it remains one of the most popular and best-selling amari in Italy.

How many days in Bologna is enough? ›

Even though Bologna is Italy's 7th-largest city, the historic city center isn't all that large. You can walk from one end to the other in less than 45 minutes. Meaning that in 3 days you can really see (and eat!) all the best things in Bologna without feeling too rushed.

Which is better to visit Parma or Bologna? ›

Parma also offers a number of luxury hotels, such as the Grand De la Ville, which is located in the center of the city. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, then Bologna is the best city to choose.

Is Bologna a walkable city? ›

Fortunately, Bologna's a pretty compact and easily walkable city, so we recommend taking a day to meander along the pretty, colourful streets and historic porticoes.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Bologna? ›

Unfortunately Bourdain's restaurant, El Bulli, is closing down for good July 31st. Bourdain made it clear that this restaurant featured the best food he will ever have in his life, which is saying something coming from a chef and fellow world culinary traveler.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Florence? ›

That night — our last as a group in Florence — we ate at Cibreo, one of the most hallowed restaurants in the city. On our way to our table, one of the managers asked if we had heard about Bourdain. The twist that had been around my stomach all day tightened and two of us nodded.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Rome? ›

  • Roma Sparita. Piazza di Santa Cecilia, 24. ...
  • Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina. Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22. ...
  • Trattoria Il Timoniere Roma. Via Francesco Orazio da Pennabilli, 5. ...
  • Ristorante Filippo La Mantia at Hotel Majestic. ...
  • Trattoria A Casa Di Rita.

What is the salary of a Michelin star chef? ›

How much does a Chef michelin star make in United Kingdom? The average chef michelin star salary in the United Kingdom is £27,417 per year or £14.06 per hour. Entry level positions start at £24,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £40,000 per year.

Can you lose your Michelin star? ›

The guide is updated annually, and while restaurants can lose their stars if they close during the year of assessment, they will not lose the stars if the head chef leaves, even if it's just after a new guide has been released, as long is there is continuity of culinary quality.

Who is the best chef in the world in 2022? ›

1. Dabiz Muñoz
  • #1 Dabiz Muñoz. Spain.
  • #2 Rene Redzepi. Denmark.
  • #3 Joan Roca. Spain.
  • #4 Massimo Bottura. Italy.
  • #5 Andoni Luis Aduriz. Spain.
  • #6 Bjorn Frantzén. Sweden.
  • #7 Disfrutar. Spain.
  • #8 Alain Passard. France.
5 Nov 2022

What is the No 1 restaurant in the UK? ›

Top 100 Restaurants in UK and Ireland
#Restaurant NameLocation
2Core by Clare SmythLondon
4Moor HallOrmskirk
96 more rows

Which city in UK has best restaurants? ›

Edinburgh has been crowned the best city for foodies in the UK. Taking the top spot for the best city in the UK for foodies is Edinburgh.

Which city has the most Michelin stars 2022? ›

Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin Star restaurants at a total of 212. It has 12 three-star restaurants, 42 two-star restaurants, and 158 one-star restaurants.

What is the only 7 star restaurant in the world? ›

Head to Al Iwan restaurant at Burj Al Arab, dubbed to be "the world's only 7-star hotel". Enjoy a high-class buffet lunch or dinner of authentic Arabian dishes while you take in the sea and city views of Dubai.

What restaurant has held 3 Michelin stars the longest? ›

At least 50 years back. Nothing or very little has changed on the L'Auberge Du Pont de Collonges menu since those times when Paul Bocuse restaurant was an obligatory stopover for politicians and celebrities.

Who owns the most Michelin star? ›

Alain Ducasse is the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world with a total of 20 stars (see below for the full list of his starred restaurants). French-born in 1956 on a farm in the Landes region, Ducasse developed a taste for locally grown produce from a very young age.

What rank is Gordon Ramsay in the world? ›

Gordon Ramsay – 7 Michelin stars.

How many chefs have 3 Michelin stars in the world? ›

There are seven, 3 Michelin star chefs whose restaurants feature in the Michelin Guide UK 2021. They are Alain Roux, Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Pierre Gagnaire, Clare Smyth, Hélène Darroze and Alain Ducasse.

How many Michelin star does Gordon Ramsay have? ›

Number of Michelin Stars: Seven

Known for his cooking, cussing, and reality TV stardom, Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay makes quite the name for himself. In his career, he's earned a total of 22 stars across 16 restaurants.

How much do you tip a Michelin Star? ›

Tipping. Always a stressful point of eating at restaurants is determining how much to tip. Thankfully, a majority of Michelin restaurants that I've visited include a 15-20% service and tip fee automatically which you'll see listed on the bill.

Who owns the most 3 Michelin Star restaurants? ›

Alain Ducasse may easily be the most successful among the world's top 10 chefs. This is what he managed to achieve: Earned his 21 Michelin stars and kept them throughout his career. He is the proud owner of 3 Michelin Stars restaurants.

What is the poshest city in Italy? ›

According to a survey by Codacons, which analysed the cost of living in the main Italian cities, Milan is the most expensive city in Italy.

What is the most famous restaurant in Italy? ›

Osteria Francescana is the most famous restaurant in Italy. It was opened by chef Massimo Bottura and has earned three Michelin stars since opening in 1995. In 2016, Osteria Francescana ranked No. 1 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants, making it the first Italian restaurant ever to receive such an honor.

What city in Italy has the best Italian food? ›

Known by many as the 'culinary capital of Italy', the city of Bologna is arguably the best food city in Italy, but then again, it's a city that's become a favorite over the years. Food here leans heavy toward meat, and combines with fresh local ingredients to make a good number of stick-to-your-ribs dishes.

How many Michelin stars does Nobu London have? ›

Nobu London opened in London on February 17th 1997 and was awarded one Michelin star, which it still retains today.

How many 3 Michelin chefs are there? ›

All about Michelin Star Chefs? First, there are about 2500 restaurants awarded of 1 Michelin Star in the world, 500 restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars and around 150 awarded 3 Michelin Stars.

Who has 3 Michelin stars in the world? ›

Now it is Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester and Le Louis XV that tend to be the most well-known – and the most awarded, with each boasting the maximum three Michelin stars. Le Louis XV also holds the title of the first restaurant to ever achieve such an accolade.

Is there anything higher than 3 Michelin stars? ›

Perhaps disappointingly, the answer is no - three is still the maximum number of Michelin stars that can be awarded to any one restaurant.

Does Robert De Niro still own Nobu? ›

Nobu is one of the premier luxury lifestyle brands in the world and is owned by Chef Nobu, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper.

How many Michelin stars does Gordon Ramsay have in London? ›

Three MICHELIN Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!

Who is the youngest 3 Michelin star chef? ›

There are always plenty of young chefs creating dishes to an exceptional standard, but the youngest chef ever to achieve three Michelin stars was Italian chef Massimiliano (Max) Alajmo, who, at just 28, was head chef of his family's restaurant Le Calandre, in Rubano, Padua, when it was awarded its third Michelin star.

How many Michelin 5 star restaurants are there in the world? ›

As of 2022, there are about 2,817 Michelin Star restaurants in the world.

Who has held a Michelin star the longest? ›

I am of course speaking of Paul Bocuse, the “pope” of modern French gastronomy, whose restaurant I had a chance to visit last January and who has been awarded 3 Michelin stars since 1965, making him the longest holder of this prestigious award in the world.


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