125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (2022)

For many in the United States, fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food. In fact, 178.98 million Americans consumed frozen fried chicken in 2020. The number is expected to increase to 184.02 million by 2024.

There’s no doubt that chicken is a good business. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, and you need to market your product (in this case, fried chicken), social media is one the best places to do so. Social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to reach consumers.

However, before marketing your product, you must first have a slogan, as it helps consumers identify your business and what you’re trying to sell. Easier said than done, though. So, we took care of it for you. Below are more than 125 unforgettable fried chicken marketing slogans and quotes for social media. Scan through our long list now and start marketing the best fried chicken ever.

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Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (1)

  • Chicken fried to perfection.
  • Golden brown fried chicken only.
  • Chicken tastes better when fried.
  • Eat your chicken just how you like it.
  • We fry chicken better.
  • Life is better with fried chicken.
  • Hear and taste the crunch.
  • Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.
  • Golden brown perfection.
  • Chicken done right.
  • Even chickens recommend our fried chicken.
  • You’ll come running back for more.
  • Yummy, crunchy goodness!
  • Deliciously crunchy and juicy.
  • Everything tastes better fried.
  • Fried chicken cooked to perfection.
  • The good chicken.
  • Deliciously crunchy. Deliciously tasty.
  • Crispy skin is a must!
  • When we fry it, you’ll buy it!
  • The authentic fried chicken.
  • The best fried chicken in town.
  • Top quality fried chicken guaranteed.
  • The fried chicken you’ll fall in love with.
  • When you think of fried chicken, think of us.
  • Golden fried chicken, just how you like it.
  • Deep fried chicken that’s good for the belly.
  • The good old fashioned fried chicken.
  • Gets crunchier after every bite.
  • Fall in love after the first crunch.

Fried Chicken Quotes

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (2)

  • “Everyone loves fried chicken, Don’t ever make it. Ever. Buy it from a place that makes good fried chicken.” – Nora Ephron
  • “I think it’s fun to serve comfort food because it’s an instant ice-breaker. If somebody’s expecting fancy food, and you whip out some fried chicken, they feel like, you know, they can put their elbows on the table, and the etiquette police aren’t going to come out.” – Katie Lee
  • “I think no matter what the occasion may be, you can never go wrong by showing up at the dinner table with a hot plate of fried chicken.” – Paula Deen
  • “You don’t know what the pattern of flour and chicken is going to be, but you know you’re going to get some good fried chicken.” – Ben Affleck
  • “People in the media grew up in the Northeast and can’t comprehend the notion that there are people who like to go out to the clay pits and shoot and, afterward, go eat fried chicken” – Matt Gaetz
  • “I do all of the grocery shopping in my little family. I buy cheese, of many different kinds, sliced packaged meats and poultry, bagels, immense quantities of eggs, pre-made fried chicken. Milk. Bacon. It is insane how much dairy, deli and bakery stuff I buy.” – Ben Stein
  • “I eat cheese and salami and a lot of fried chicken. I eat a big bag of oatmeal-raisin cookies every night and I don’t gain weight. I still look OK as long as I’m dressed.” – Ellen Barkin
  • “In order to have good fried chicken, you should wash and season the bird the morning you’re preparing it for dinner. Don’t wait and do it right before you start cooking. Throw it in the refrigerator, seasoned, that morning, and give it a chance to soak up all the salt and pepper and goodness.” – Paula Deen
  • “The food in Europe is pretty disappointing. I like fried chicken. But other than that Europe is great.” – Donnie Wahlberg
  • “I definitely try to eat a healthy diet, but I am the first person to say I love unhealthy food. I would never tell you I don’t. I love fried chicken or mac and cheese. Do I order them all the time when I’m out at restaurants? No, though I do have one splurge meal a week.” – Rachel Nichols
  • “I love chicken. I love chicken products: fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken nuggets – whatever. And going to Japan, I would see that these chicken were smoked and then grilled and then have this amazing crispy skin.” – David Chang
  • “We grew up in Texas. We ate fried chicken and steak all the time. I didn’t eat sushi until I was 24.” – Arden Cho

“Obviously as I’m getting older, I’m seeing changes in my body that I may not like… but I do love food, and I’m from the South. I’m not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits.” – Erin Andrews

  • “In a way that somebody else converts to Judaism or becomes a Hare Krishna, I belong to the church of fried chicken.” – Padma Lakshmi
  • “Even when I get the fried-chicken special of the day, I have to dig into it like it’s filet mignon.” – Viola Davis
  • “There are two schools of fried chicken. One is brining in salted water and the other is soaking in either buttermilk or milk. I just combine the two.” – Padma Lakshmi
  • “I’m from Georgia and grew up eating Chick-fil-A. I’m obsessed with all forms of fried chicken, like chicken briskets and chicken sandwiches.” – Kelly O’Hara
  • “Don’t worry about what candidates have done or said, just vote for the Democrats. Then, afterwards, you can go eat fried chicken.” – Michelle Obama
  • “When I’m out, maybe I’m looking at the fried chicken, but I know I need to order the grilled. But I’m still from the country. I love my fried food and my neck bones and all that, too.” – Adrian Peterson
  • “It’s hot tonight and half the neighborhood is drunk. the other half is dead. If I have any advice about writing poetry it’s – don’t. I’m going to send out for some fried chicken.” – Charles Bukowski
  • “Last time I was down South I walked into this restaurant, and this white waitress came up to me and said: ‘We don’t serve colored people here.’ “I said: ‘that’s all right, I don’t eat colored people. Bring me a whole fried chicken.” – Dick Gregory

“I’m a pop enigma. I live and breathe every element in life. I rock a bespoke suit and I go to Harold’s for fried chicken. It’s all these things at once, because, as a taste maker, I find the best of everything.” – Kanye West

  • “If someone said, ‘You’ve got to eat your next two meals at American fast-food restaurants,’ I would do one meal at Chipotle and one meal at Popeyes fried chicken.” – Danny Meyer
  • “A lot of people don’t know, but I love soul food. I love fried chicken and pork chops, all of that.” – Naturi Naughton
  • “All I ever wanted was a Virginia farm, no end of cream and fresh butter and fried chicken – not one fried chicken, or two, but unlimited fried chicken.” – Robert E. Lee
  • “I do have my cheat meals. I have Oreos inside the house right now, and I have beer and fried chicken and waffles. All that good stuff. But once it comes down to when I really want to get in shape and get lean, I’ll eat clean and go with whole foods.” – Demetrious Johnson
  • “I love my husband’s fried chicken, but I took it to the next level by swiping it with Cholula honey butter – I’m a total hot-sauce freak.” – Chrissy Teigen
  • “Mama was a natural cook. At harvest time, she would whip up a noontime dinner for the men in the field: fried chicken with milk gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, lima beans, field peas, corn, slaw, sliced tomatoes, fried apples, biscuits, and peach pie.” – Bobbie Ann Mason
  • “The first time I met Beyonce she was about 18 years old, sitting in a makeup chair eating fried chicken, and I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone would know her name.” – Gayle King
  • “The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.” – Maya Angelou

Fried Chicken Captions

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (3)

  • I love the smell of fried chicken.
  • I wish that we all get unlimited supply of fried chicken throughout our lives.
  • Party with beers & fried chicken!
  • Break the ice with fried chicken!
  • Fried chicken helps you bond.
  • I wish that you and your family always sit together and have a happy chicken meal.
  • Let’s eat and celebrate this very delicious fried chicken day.
  • Frying the chicken keeps the bad thoughts away.
  • Bonding sessions with fried chicken.
  • The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.
  • My favorite meal has always been fried chicken.
  • Even the fried chicken is great cold.
  • Nothing gets me up in the morning more than fried chicken.
  • Fried chicken is life.
  • Love is a bucket of fried chicken.
  • One can never get enough of fried chicken.
  • A portion of fried chicken can make you smile.
  • My favourite food is chicken , so today I will celebrate the whole day by just having fried chicken.
  • A piece of fried chicken can become a divine blessing.
  • The way of eating fried chicken does not matter at all.

Fried Chicken Taglines

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (4)

  • Eat fried chicken with your hands.
  • Crunchy goodness!
  • Taste the crunch.
  • Pick chicken today.
  • Why cook when you can get them from us!
  • Crunch that satisfies the body and soul.
  • Everyone’s favorite fried chicken.
  • Your most favorite meal of the day – fried chicken!
  • Our fried chicken just makes life better.
  • Only the best fried chicken.
  • Celebrate with fried chicken.
  • Fried chicken like your momma used to make.
  • We understand fried chicken.
  • Crunchy exterior, juicy interior.
  • The best fried chicken in town.
  • Chicken fried with love.
  • The crunch you’ll look for.
  • Crunch is king.
  • Nothing’s better than our fried chicken.
  • No such thing as perfect, except for our fried chicken.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Slogans

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (5)

  • It’s Finger Lickin’ Good.
  • We do chicken right.
  • Life tastes better with KFC.
  • There’s Fast Food, Then There’s KFC.
  • Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun.
  • Your Chicken Could Never.
  • Nobody does chicken like KFC.
  • It’s America’s Country-Good Meal.
  • Everybody needs a little KFC.
  • Follow your taste.

Marketing Slogans for Chicken Shop

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (6)

  • Authentic chicken.
  • Quality tested chicken.
  • The chicken everyone loves.
  • No added hormones.
  • Fresh from the farm.
  • Nature’s intention with chicken.
  • Unmatched chicken quality.
  • The best poultry in town.
  • Your one stop shop for chicken.
  • We display it fresh.
  • With chicken, quality is our goal.
  • No other chicken shop comes close.
  • Our chickens are the best.
  • We also provide chicken recipes.
  • Serving farm fresh chicken.
  • It’s just chicken. Only better.
  • The chicken always comes first.
  • Better taste. Better chicken.
  • Hire chickens to be chickens.
  • We serve it fresh everyday.

Chicken Dish Slogans

125+ Unforgettable Fried Chicken Marketing Slogans and Quotes for Social Media (7)

  • Chicken, cook it however you like.
  • Any chicken dish is a perfect meal.
  • There’s more than one way to cook chicken. All delicious.
  • Chicken, the food of champions.
  • Cook your favorite dish with chicken.
  • Add some chicken to your dish.
  • The chicken dish that you’ll love.
  • Fall in love with this chicken dish.
  • Nothing’s better than a chicken meal.
  • Our chicken dishes are the best in town.

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