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Do you know what’s better than refilling water for your chickens? It is to use an automatic waterer for them. To ease human efforts on poultry farming, many great inventions have been introduced and Best Automatic Waterers for Chicken is truly a revolutionary thing.

Having it helping you in this sector allows you to save a lot of quality time to focus on other things more productive every day. If you are here for the best automatic waterers for chicken; check out this article down below to see what these selected products are.

10. RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer Kit

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The first product on the list, we have this best automatic waterer for chickens from RentACoop. The great point about this product is that it is designed to have water flow down automatically, yet still maintain the water level at half full; so that the water doesn’t go waste. A lot of farmer uses it with their chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys as they claimed that it can keep their livestock comfortable in a warmer season.

Also, it’s very to install because all you need to do is to drill a small hole and attach it to the wall. When you purchase this, you will get up to 6 units in a package so it’s really worth the price.

09. Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Twin Waterer

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Another high-quality automatic waterer for chickens is from Royal Rooster. This brand is known to offer the best products in its range because it can provide clean water with the cup that gets refilled every time the water level goes down. Moreover, this tool is designed with the hooks straight onto a mesh, so you can simply attach it to the wall to stand it.

Just one Royal Rooster can already feed up to 6 chickens, so this Australian quality automatic water is clearly the best tool to use on any farm.

08. LITTLE GIANT 166386 Automatic Poultry Waterer

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Moving on to the top 8th, we have this high quality with water protection design from LITTLE GIANT. This automatic water for chickens can provide a continuous flow of water for your adult poultry without spilling the water outside because it has the automatic float control that can take good care of the water level.

Moreover, it is designed with cover at the top so that the water at the inside that be prevented from any roosting or debris sticking on. With LITTLE GIANT, it is both easy to clean and assemble, so you don’t need any skill to own it.

07. Oasis Chicken Waterer Kit (Bucket NOT Included)

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Another best chicken automatic waterer kit in the list is from Backyard Flock. This product is fully built as the automatic waterer that is connected to a bucket. It is then connected to the garden hose to get the water supply. What it does is that it has the patented float valve that can keep track of the water level in the bucket, so it keeps making sure that the cups are always filled with fresh water.

Also, for the up itself, it’s measured at nearly 3” in terms of diameter, so it’s perfect for any adult poultry. When you purchase the automatic waterer from this brand, you will also get its useful kit including which it has from the mounting hardware, float valve, drill bill, 90-degree Elbow, hole saw, user manual and many more.

06. LITTLE GIANT Miller Manufacturing Plastic Poultry Fountain

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Moving to the top 6th, we have another functional automatic waterer for chickens and it’s yet again from LITTLE GIANT. For this model, LITTLE GIANT designs it with a vacuum-sealing O-ring cap in order to make the water flowing automatically. Also, you can easily check the water level in the bottle so that you don’t miss refill the water in for your chicken.

The capacity of the bottle is measured up to 3 gallons. With the rugged handle designed with this automatic waterer for chicken, you can also easily carry it somewhere you want to.

05. Backyard Flock 4 Cup Oasis Poultry Watering System

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What’s special on the top 5th in the list is that we have this professional automatic waterer for chickens for any poultry farm and it is from Backyard Flocks. With this brand, you can make it a high-quality water system that connects from your household water lines and distributes the water in this high-quality OASIS cup. What’s even greater about this is that it has up to 150-micron filter so it can protect the water from getting debris or sediment inside it.

By owning that, your flocks will always get the fresh water to drink or to cool them down in any hot weather.
Backyard Flocks will also offer buyers a great deal because you purchase their products, you will get the functional kits which includes everything you need to make this automatic waterer system for chickens.

04. Harris Farms Poultry Drinker, Cup-A-Water, 4 Gallon

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Moving on to the top 4th, we have another function 4-gallon automatic waterer for chicken from Harris Farm. One of the most unique points about this product is that it can outstandingly prevent algae from developing on the cup which can dirt the water. Hence, the water will remain fresh and clean for your flocks.

Also, it has the additional cups coming in the package just in case you have larger flocks, so you can use them. With Harris Farm, there is no need to question its cup quality because it is made from food-grade BPA-free plastic, so it won’t cause any problem with the water inside it.

03. 5 Gallon Chicken Waterer – 4 Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipples

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Onto the top 3rd, we have yet another high-quality automatic waterer for chickens from RentACoop. Again, what makes this brand always a favorite of any poultry farmer is that it’s constructed from food-grade and BPA-free, so your flocks will always have safe and fresh water to drink from it.

Moreover, it can store up to 5-gallon of water, so for 4 hens, the water can last up to 10 days, so it’s very less time consuming for you to own it. Besides, this product also comes with no-roost cone in order to keep the lid clean.

02. RentACoop 2 Gallon Red Cup Waterer

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Moving on to the top 2nd, another commercial-grade automatic waterer for chicken is from RentACoop again; this time they can store the water measured at 2 gallons. What makes this better than anyone in its range is that it uses a better version of water cups, so what it can ensure that the cup is always half full; never spill over and never dry out.

Besides, there is also a no-roost cap that helps to prevent the chickens from roosting on it. This automatic waterer is super flexible to use too because you can simply hang it or rest it on any cinder block and it will do its job.

01. Love My Barnyard Backyard Chicken Poultry Waterer

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Finally, moving on to the last brand that supplies the best automatic waterer ever in the market and it is clearly from Love My Barnyard. With this brand, it’s rated as the world’s cleaning waterer that you could ever find for your flocks because it uses a secure sealed food-grade stainless steel that will never get slime or algae. Also, stainless steel will always prevent the water from any BPA, phthalates or even leaching bacteria.

Such a sanitary system is perfect to keep your flocks healthy and away from any potential risk. Last but not least, this automatic waterer for chicken is also designed with a large handle, so it’s very easy to carry or to hang. So with this product, you shouldn’t have any second thought when it comes to purchasing.

Buying Guide for Best Automatic Waterers for Chicken

When buying the automatic waterers for your chickens or your flocks, there are a few things that you should carefully look at. First of all, you need to see what’s your demands as a response to how big is your flocks. In other words, if you have a large flock of chickens, you should get more cups, too.

Besides, it is always the main priority that the cup that contains the waters is made from high-quality plastic without BPA involves. Since it uses to keep the water for your flocks, if it’s not clean or safe enough, your flocks will get sick very easily. Therefore, you should check the product description clearly. One of the best alternatives to plastic can also be stainless steel.


After all these important points mentioned in the article, it’s clear now that you would be able to choose the best automatic waterer for your chickens. Thank you for spending time with us.

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